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It's unbelievably convenient and useful listening to books in your car, office, dorm or on your laptop and MP3 player. You have to experience this way of 'reading' popular books and classic literature!




5,790 Unique Titles
Don't waste time searching for the audio books you need. We stock hundreds of copies of our top rental titles, and are adding more every day. We have the books that you want to hear.
We are the most affordable online audio book rental service. Our rental plans save members hundreds of dollars, while increasing their daily productivity.
Easy Access
If you have five minutes online, you have time for Simply Audiobooks. Sign up for an account and choose a few books you would like to hear. Everything else is automatic.
Free Shipping
Postage is prepaid in both directions. Everything you need to return your audio book is included in the little blue box. All you have to do is place it in your outgoing mail.
Reclaim Your Time
With audio books, there's no such thing as "no time for reading." Listen in the car, at the gym, even in the shower. It's an easy way to bring books into your daily life.
No Late Fees
Just what it says. Listen at your leisure, return when you're done. There's no charge per book, and no pressure to meet a return deadline.
No Due Dates
You have the right to enjoy your selections at your own pace. With our flat-fee monthly rates, there are no due dates and no late fees. Ever.
Cancel Anytime
You don’t even have to call. Just fill out the online form, and your account cancels automatically. No more bills, no more books, and never any hassle.


Simply Audiobooks